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What is Browpexy?

Browpexy is the cosmetic surgical procedure that involves lifting the central and outer portion of the eyebrow. This “opens up” the eyes so one’s facial appearance appears more rested and youthful. It differs from a traditional brow lift, which elevates the entire eyebrow, focusing primarily on the inner portion whereas a browpexy focuses its effect on the outer portions of the brow.

Why is Browpexy Done?

As we age, gravity and the decreased elasticity (‘the bounce-back’ effect) of our skin causes our brow to slowly descend down the brow ridge in into the orbital region of our eyes. This can create an appearance of exhaustion and advanced age. Browpexy can improve one’s appearance by lifting and securing the brow in a more appealing, youthful position. Browpexy can also enhance peripheral vision because it addresses the excess, sagging eyelid skin around the eyes. Literally meaning, “brow fixation”, browpexy fixes the brows in a subtle and naturally elevated position.

How is a Browpexy Performed?

Browpexies can be performed in combination with other eyelid and eyebrow procedures. Small incisions are made at the tail end of the brow or from within the eyelid making scars minimally if at all noticeable. Through the incision the brow is the secured to the bone via deep sutures which hold the brow in a slightly higher position.

What is Recovery from Browpexy Like?

Browpexy alone is a minimally invasive procedure and recovery may be short but can vary depending on multiple factors including age, health, genetics and previous surgery. After most eyelid surgeries, heavy physical activity and sports are not recommended for the first week after surgery, however, normal activity (walking, shopping) is permitted. There are usually no bandages and showering is permitted the day after surgery.

It is common for patients to develop bruising and swelling. The majority of the swelling goes away in two to three weeks, but some swelling can last for a longer period of time as every patient heals at different rates depending on age and skin type.  Dr. Marshak will personally see you frequently in the post-operative period to monitor your healing and ensure you are on course. 

What are the Benefits of a Browpexy?

A properly performed browpexy draws the middle and corners of the eyelids slightly upwards to restore a naturally youthful, rested and alert appearance of the eyebrow region. The brow should not appear overly pulled back or unnaturally elevated.

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