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Earlobe Reconstruction Services in Palm Desert, CA

What is Earlobe Reconstruction?

Earlobe reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure that repairs earlobes torn from trauma or stretched from earrings or plugs and gauges.

How is Earlobe Reconstruction Performed?

In our Palm Springs office, reconstruction is typically performed with local anesthesia and possibly IV sedation if needed in our office procedure room or outpatient surgical center. Once the patient is comfortable, Dr. Marshak makes a small notch in the torn earlobe and expertly reattaches it back together so that no hole or other deformity is present.

What is Recovering from Earlobe Reconstruction Like?

Recovering from reconstruction is typically short and most can re-pierce the lobe after about 6 weeks. Some swelling and tenderness may be present the first few days but should dissipate quickly and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications, rest and ice if needed.

What are the Benefits of Reconstruction?

Benefits of a properly done earlobe reconstructions include not only the cosmetic improvement to the ear and one’s overall image and presentation but it helps reduce the risk of infection and trauma.

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